The Fabulous Four Qualities of Top Performing Teams (Part 1)

What is it that makes certain people in a company or organization come together and accomplish extraordinary things? How can a team of people who may only be average performers individually, produce remarkable results when they work together? How do they consistently exceed expectations every year and have the audacity to set even higher goals, all while having fun as they work?

Throughout my training experiences and discussions with thousands of supervisors, managers, directors and senior executives, I have realized that there are four things these workplace winners have in common: Shared Purpose, Open Communication, Trust and an Innovative Mentality.

Some organizations are completely blind to the fact that they don’t have teams, they have groups. The main difference between a group and a team is that a group is just a collection of individuals who are only looking out for their self interest. They only care about their individual goals, promotion, salary etc.. A team consists of individuals who understand that none of us is greater than all of us and they genuinely care about each other and know they can only grow and win, when they help their team members grow and win.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The Fabulous Four Qualities listed below will help your team grow to the next level and eventually become a top performing team:

1. Shared Purpose:
– Every team member knows the vision, mission, goals of the team and the overall organization.

– Each team member knows why their work, tasks, duties and contribution matters, and how it impacts the entire team and organization.

– Each team member knows their role, responsibilities, what they’re accountable for, and no matter how small their role, it is equally celebrated, valued and respected by the team.


2. Open Communication:
– Each team member feels as though they can freely share ideas, opinions and potential solutions to the team without fear or being ridiculed.

– High performing teams have feedback forums (meetings, social gatherings etc…) where feedback on performance, ideas, needs for assistance are communicated.


3. Trust:
– High performing teams consistently do what they say, and they hold every team member accountable to the same standard.

– Each team member shares personal interest and goals. (They become like extended family)


4. Innovative Mentality:
– Each team member has an innovative mentality, which means they relentlessly see or do things in a new or more effective way.

– Top performing teams have no comfort zone. Members of teams with comfort zones say things such as “if ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Top performing teams understand that a comfort zone in today’s rapidly changing economy means laid-off, outsourced or downsized. Instead, their mentality is “if ain’t broke don’t fix it, unless you can make it better!”

– Top performing teams have innovative sessions, where they meet frequently to discuss how to improve the product, service, programs, reports, equipment, etc… They dedicate entire meetings to just thinking about better methods and improving things.


It’s no secret that top performing teams go from ordinary to extraordinary by doing certain things and having specific qualities. It may take some time, but your team can accomplish it.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

In part 2, we will discuss the particular phases of team development and what leaders must do to make sure their team successfully graduates from each phase.

Grind for Greatness!

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