Lead Like Water

Many Can Manage, Few Can Lead

What is it that makes some leaders remarkably better than others? The most successful authentic leaders are like water, instead of being powerful they are essential. When they leave organizations, others follow them even to competitors. When they leave prematurely, teams get dehydrated, morale dries up, and entire departments and organizations collapse. Just like water, they are essential. Can you name one living thing that can survive without water? Today’s successful companies and organizations also cannot survive without authentic leaders. Since nothing can survive without water, it’s imperative that we learn from water.


Best-selling author and highly sought-after organizational development consultant, James Bird Guess pours his insights, ideas and observations from training and coaching over 20,000 supervisors, managers and senior-level executives from across the world.

As you drink from the pages of this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to Influence without Intimidation
  • What Today’s Employees Need to Stay Motivated and Boost Morale
  • Making Organizational Vision and Values Contagious
  • The Essential Qualities of Authentic Leaders
  • The # 1 Skill Today’s Business Leaders Must Develop- “Adaptability”
  • Cultivating Work Environments of Trust, Respect, Open Communication and More!

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