360 Feedback Surveys

Leaderfied 360 Feedback Assessment:

360 degree feedback is one of the most reliable tools for accurately and objectively measuring leadership effectiveness.

It typically includes obtaining anonymous feedback from a manager’s direct reports, peers, customers and their boss.

We have identified four fundamental areas (communication, leadership, trust, and conflict) that are critical to individual employee and team performance based on our research of over 20,000 supervisors, managers, directors, and executives from corporations, non-profits, government agencies, colleges and universities.

The Leaderfied 360 assessment was developed to measure the health of teams for supervisors, managers and senior level business leaders, to ensure employees are engaged to deliver their best performance. Leaderfied will also determine if managers and leaders are “highly effective,” “average,” or “ineffective” when leading their teams and diagnose potential areas for training and improvement.

The assessment statements measure the most critical areas for managers and leaders — those areas highly correlated to organizational outcomes including:

  • Employee performanceMicrosoft Word - Questionnaire 2009-2010 template.doc
  • Team productivity
  • Staff retention and turnover
  • Safety and workplace accidents
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee motivation
  • Absenteeism
  • Team conflict and more!

The Leaderfied 360 Feedback Assessment also includes the following:

  • Identifies overall strengths and development needs
  • Customizing the survey questions with specific competencies
  • Option to include and customize open-ended questions
  • Survey administration and analysis of results
  • Summarized report and one-on-one consultation for interpretation of results
  • Comparison of results with highly effective leaders

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