How Leaders Grow People

As leaders, we are like farmers and our employees are like seeds. Seeds have everything they need inside of them to grow and achieve their greatest potential, if they are in an environment that is conducive to their growth. As leaders, we are responsible for cultivating that environment.

You can take any seed of your choice, an apple seed, or a pumpkin seed and those seeds will lay dormant for months or even years, until they feel the environment is just right for their growth. If a seed is not exposed to sufficient moisture, proper temperature, oxygen, and for many seeds light, the seed will not start the growth process.

Employees are just like seeds. If they are not exposed to a fertile foundation of trust, sufficient amounts of respect and recognition shinning down on them, as well as proper water or flow of open communication, the employee will remain uninspired to excel, grow and break out of his or her comfort zone. And like a dormant seed, the employee may be idle and develop a paycheck mentality and start doing just These extra charges the cost of credit card rates consist of any amount that exceeds the amount borrowed (the principal). enough to get by.

Build a Foundation of Trust:
• Do what you say (common sense, not common practice
• Admit mistakes
• Be consistent (trust takes time)
• Trust others first (make yourself vulnerable)

Let Open Communication Flow:
• Encourage feedback
• Ask for input and involve others
• Be open minded and listen

Respect: Let it Shine!
• Be helpful not hurtful when delivering feedback
• Focus on facts not your feelings when communicating
• Praise and recognize at least weekly (be genuine)

How Leaders Grow People

Learn how we can help your organization”s managers and leaders grow people.

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