Tough Talks

How to Communicate Uncomfortable Employee Conversations

“You smell bad!” There is a tactful way to say this. Sometimes you have to talk to employees about their performance issues, and sometimes you may have to address personal and behavioral issues as well. How do you address everything from personal hygiene distractions to delivering feedback on missing the mark during a performance evaluation? This on-site training prepares you for various tough talks and how to be tactful when delivering any uncomfortable, but necessary conversation.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • Mastering Voice Tone! It’s not what you say— it’s also how you say it
  • Words and Phrases that Trigger Defensiveness and Escalate Conflict
  • Techniques for Helping others Open up and Discuss their Views
  • Understanding Legal Implications of Critical Conversations and More!
This course qualifies for .6 CEU credits. Learn more about on-site training