The Leadership D.I.V.A

Understanding Women Leaders in Today’s Workplace, a Guide for Men and Women

D. (Determined)
I. (Integrate work & home life)
V. (Visibility)
A. (Assertiveness)

In today’s male dominated workplace what are the skills and qualities that develops women leaders and makes women more promotable than others? In a recent study by IBM, 95% of the women executives surveyed stated being visible and heard as the top reason for their success.


Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • Understanding Communication Styles of Men and Women and Becoming Assertive
  • Making Your Voice Heard in a Male Dominated Environment
  • Power Posing (effective body language and posture)
  • “Too emotional and sensitive” Turning Stereotypes into Strengths
  • Presenting Ideas with Confidence, Poise, Persuasiveness and more!
This course qualifies for .6 CEU credits. Learn more about on-site training