Power, Status and Problems

How Senior Leaders Maintain Ethics in the Workplace

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Workplace harassment is a decades-old problem that constantly transforms. Harassment and discrimination (including gender, age, disability, religion and racial workplace discrimination) aren’t going anywhere. Current events and trends continue to drive new forms of discrimination and harassment at work. Many organizations apply the same approach by providing annual awareness training to prevent workplace harassment, but preventing leadership abuses of power need more specialized focus areas. Most of today’s harassment training is either a video or computer-based, both of which are ineffective methods for such a serious and delicate topic.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • 5 power dynamics leaders face in the workplace
  • Understanding power differentials at every level with employees
  • Types of ethical executive power
  • Identifying grey-areas of power abuse and preventing innocent mistakes and more!


This course qualifies for .6 CEU credits. Learn more about on-site training