Lead Like Water

Many Can Manage, Few Can Lead


Now a series of on-site training and coaching sessions have been developed based on the core concepts of this highly anticipated transformational book on authentic leadership. This on-site training is customized for each organization to target current and future workplace challenges and aligned with organizational strategic initiatives and high priority goals.

Here’s a sample of on-site training outcomes:

• Leading without Title, Power and Authority
• How to Influence without Intimidation
• Making Organizational Vision and Values Contagious
• The # 1 Skill Today’s Leaders Must Develop-“Adaptability”
• Cultivating Trust, Respect, Open Communication and More!

Program Learning Options:

  • Express Sessions (half day or two day on-site training)
  • Comprehensive Sessions (four day series delivered bi-monthly, quarterly or customized to schedules)

Level 1: Leading without a Title

For Front Line Staff and Team Members

Level 2: Many Can Manage, Few Can Lead

For First Level Managers and Supervisors

Level 3: Next Level Leadership

For Senior Managers and Directors

Level 4: Strategic Leadership 

For Executives, Presidents, and C-Suite Leaders


Each on-site training program is a high energy, interactive session designed specifically for various levels of an
organizations employees, including front line staff, mid-level managers, senior managers, directors, and
executives and c-suite leaders.


During the on-site training, teams will put into practice concepts outlined in James Bird Guess’ book, Lead Like Water, Many Can Manage, Few Can Lead. The on-site training includes high-energy exercises and activities, (no powerpoint is allowed), brief insightful lectures, and working sessions to allow time for practical application.


Bulk pricing for Lead Like Water books will be applied and receive the discount of 50% off the list price of $19.95

This course qualifies for .6 CEU credits. Learn more about on-site training