Empathy, Sensitivity and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

When organizations desire diversity or sensitivity training they want to prevent discrimination lawsuits, a hostile work environment, and/or cultivate an inclusive environment where all employees are valued, respected, and work in an environment that is conducive to high performance. The results of this on-site training will help reduce cultural bias, destroy stereotypes, build collaborative diverse teams, and help organizations retain and attract diverse talent.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • How to Prevent Cross-Cultural Conflicts, Tensions, and Misunderstandings
  • Effectively Working Together with People who are Different (Age, Ethnicity etc…)
  • Communicating Across Cultures, Generations and Minimizing Defensiveness
  • Emotional Intelligence, Strengthen Understanding and Respect for Cultural Differences and More!
This course qualifies for .6 CEU credits. Learn more about on-site training