Coaching and Being Coachable

Meeting People Where they are and Managing for Performance

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As a manager, you have to constantly provide feedback to your direct reports in two core areas; performance and behavior. Although every manager should have the capability to coach, you also need to have the ability to discern when coaching isn’t working, in other words; who’s uncoachable. Experience this no powerpoint training and learn the roles of the “coach” and “coachee” through practice, observation, and feedback. Then develop and apply proven coaching techniques that effectively reinforce and redirect to achieve desired outcomes and results.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • 3 keys to determine who’s coachable
  • Barriers that impede the coach and coachee for achieving results
  • Coaching conversations during performance reviews
  • Developing performance improvement plans
  • Characteristics of an uncoachable employee
This course qualifies for .6 CEU credits. Learn more about on-site training