Webinars FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About:

• Live Webinars
• Webinar Recordings

Live Webinars

Q: How do I register for a live webinar?

A: Register online by simply clicking the safe and secure register now button, or register by phone by calling us toll free at 888.369.1339 or email customerservice@internationalsuccessacademy.com

Q: After I register, then what happens?

A: You will receive your payment receipt and webinar access link via email along with instructions for accessing the webinar and downloading the webinar handouts.

Q: Can my co-workers and others join me for the webinar?

A: Yes! Your registration allows unlimited attendees. However, all attendees must view the webinar in the same location and on the same device (desktop, laptpop, ipad etc…) We encourage you to invite peers and staff and learn together to maximize the return on investment for your webinar experience.

Webinar Recordings

Q: How do the webinar recordings work?

A: If you purchased the live webinar and were not able to attend, you will still receive the webinar recording, and if you’d like to share the webinar recording with your peers and staff, purchasing a live webinar gives you and unlimited attendees up to 30-Days to access the webinar recording.

Q: Can I share the webinar recording with others?

A: Yes! You can share a webinar recording  with unlimited sharing access for your entire team and organization for up to 30 days. If you think you need continuous training learn more about our on-site training solutions.