Leadership Virus: Inspire, Influence, and Infect People with Energy and Enthusiasm

Do you arrive at work in a good mood, but that mood quickly changes into frustration, combativeness, resentment, or even anger? That’s a good indication that someone or something negative in your work environment is

Whether it’s managing up to your boss and other authority figures, or working to influence unmotivated and negative co-workers, this book will help you gain an in-depth perspective on what makes people tick and how to get desired results regardless of your title or level of authority. You’ll learn you can’t change people, but you can change how they respond to you. Be a virus and infect them!

Best-selling author and sought-after management consultant James Bird Guess prescribes the most effective vaccine for toxic workplaces, using practical tools, ideas, and insights from his training and coaching of more than 20,000 supervisors, managers, and senior-level executives in the private and public sectors.

As you become an infectious leader from touching the pages of this book, your symptoms will include:

• Understanding the 3 Types of Employees (Passionate, Paycheck, and Problem)

• Applying the Feedback Filter for Tactful Communication with Co-workers

• Utilizing the Essential Qualities of Infectious Leaders

• Influencing Those Who Do Not Report to You

• Implementing the 5 Keys for Making a Positive Workplace Culture Contagious

• Cultivating Collaboration and Healthy Workplace Interactions

For good or bad, the authentic leaders inside every organization are infectious. Their behaviors tend to be transmitted to their subordinates and peers, who tend to pass them on to the next level down, and these behaviors begin to infect the entire organization, affecting actions and decisions at every level. Eventually, these behaviors become embedded into the DNA of the organizational culture, influencing the types of employees who get promoted and hired into the organization, and creating a self-reinforcing work environment-either positive or negative, healthy or toxic.

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