Strategic Leadership: Going from Tactical to a Strategic Mindset

  • Only 16% of senior level leaders were rated very effective at developing strategic plans and executing or implementing strategy.
  • 70 percent of strategic plans fail, and only 25 percent of leaders and staff are motivated by the strategic plans created.
  • Only 8% of leaders are good at both strategy and execution

Today’s senior-level leaders often get stuck in the day to day operations of the workplace. From constant staff interruptions, putting out project fires, establishing goals and roles and monitoring expectations, you spend countless hours in meetings with peers.

Being pulled in a thousand directions keeps you busy, but not always productive, and can leave you in a state of reactionary rather than proactive leadership. With no time to step back, reflect and strategically plan how your organization will effectively execute the strategic plan and add long-term value, this training experience is a senior-level leader crash course on strategic leadership.

In this strategy equipping webinar, expect the following outcomes:

  • Apply the 4 Components to Strategy and Effective Execution
  • Differentiate Strategic vs. Tactical Leadership
  • Prioritizing, Preventing Interruptions and Time Management Secrets
  • Develop a Single Page Strategic Plan
  • Communicate and Cascade the Strategic Vision to Employees at Every Level
  • Apply Effective Decision-making Styles for Strategic Leaders
  • Understand 6 Competencies of Highly Effective Strategic Leaders and More!


DATE & TIME: Thursday, July 14th at 12:00 p.m Central Time

Our 60-Minute live webinar will be held on Thursday, July 14th at 12:00 p.m Central Time. You will receive an email with instructions for watching live via Adobe Connect, or calling in and downloading the webinar workbook.

PRICING: $499 per site location

Join us and managers across the world for this high-energy interactive webinar experience. You can invite unlimited team members to watch and listen in at your location site, using a single phone line and one computer. You will also receive a webinar workbook to download. You can share this webinar with additional team members after the event since you will have unlimited sharing rights for 30 days.

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